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Spring Start-Ups

Spring cleaning your irrigation system prolongs life and improves watering efficiency, saving time, water and money.
When spring arrives and freezing temperatures cease, it's time to turn on irrigation systems and start watering again.
Remember, it is always best to hire a qualified professional contractor when performing tasks like Spring Start-Up. The team at Atlantic Irrigation are experts in this field to help ensure your lawn and garden sprinkler system is up and running with ease and efficiency.


Every year, before the first freeze, the ritual of irrigation "blow out" becomes the priority for all irrigation systems in regions located where the frost level extends below the depth of installed piping. This service uses compressed air flush the piping until no water can be seen exiting the heads

Sprinkler Installation

As temperatures in our area begin to slowly rise, don't spend hours watering your lawn with hoses and other sprinklers that don't give your lawn proper nutrition; invest in a sprinkler system that is going to help your lawn perform. A well-kept lawn in your neighborhood is a welcoming sight to see and shows that you appreciate where you live. Experts say that lawns should be watered less often and more deeply. If you own a home and you own the land around it, you want to take care of your full investment.

Landscape Lighting

Today’s homeowners see their landscapes as a source of pride, a refuge for relaxation, and a place to enjoy good times with family and friends. Professionally installed landscape lighting bring these spaces to life after the sun goes down, providing an unmatched aesthetic effect while adding safety and usability.

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